DiabeXALL is covered by two USA Patents Number 6,187,333 AND Number 6,555,126


Prior to issuing above patents, several studies were carried out by an independent third party – a Medicines Manufacturing firm – with over 35 years of experience. Select pages from one such study conducted on humans is here with attached. The study established that DiabeXALL tablets reduce Blood Sugar, while decreasing the Insulin amounts produced by the Pancreas. With other medications on the market and widely prescribed to patients, no reduction ofInsulin produced was accomplished. the Pancreas continued to work harder and longer and produce additional quantities of Insulin, which represents added burden on the Pancreas. With DiabeXALL the Pancreas works less producing a better quality of Insulin, hence is rested not overworked unnecessarily.
Another pleasantly surprising discovery from the Human studies was the discovery of a reduction in the level of Triglycerides.
Please read a brief outcome From the Study and Investigation report by De Lass medical.

Investigator’s Report

Clinical Studies & Experience Prior To Issue Of Patents

This study is an open study which was carried out according to (WHO) regulation for studies of natural products. ( World Health Organization ).

The trial was an open study patients were from different ages, sex, type one and type two diabetes. The patients were using different kinds of drugs to control diabetes (oral hypoglycemic drugs, insulin)

The patients were advised to take their medications with linalool and depending on the daily tests of blood glucose they were advised by their doctors to reduce the daily doses of oral hypoglycemic drugs or daily dose of insulin.

This Investigation is carried out by Delass Natural Products Co. Of Jordan, that manufactures a long line of Natural products. Delass manufacturing and Research center are located within 10 miles from The Dead Sea where it receives the waters of the River Jordan.

In the preparation of patients for clinical trials several tests were performed to ensure linalool had no side effects on vital organs and the patients were in satisfactory health.

The tests requested from the patients were the following:

1- Liver function tests (SGOT, SGPT)
2- Kidney function tests (serum urea, creatinine)
3- Insulin level
4- C peptide
5- Fasting blood sugar
6- Cholesterol
7- Triglycerides
8- HBA1C

The tests were repeated every two weeks.

Patient distribution
• The total number of patients in this trial was 198.
• 6 patients were not able to continue.
• 112 males.
• 80 females.
• Patients were from different age group from 9 years to 63 years.
• Type 2 patients were in an age group from 38 years to 63 years.
• Type 1 patients were in an age group from 9 years to 21 years.
• Some type 2 patients were exercising other medical condition like hypertension, cholesterol, triglycerides and told to continue their medication
• Type 2 patients were divided into three main groups

ₒ 1- Diabetics
ₒ 2- Diabetics with high triglyceride levels
ₒ 3- Diabetics


The above results were for blood glucose levels from zero day. It was recorded in two week increments. Some patients had high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. The results for the group with high triglyceride levels were as follows:


Triglyceride levels in blood


For those patients the blood glucose levels were as follows: