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Q-1- Can DiabeXALL cure Diabetes Mellitus Type I & II ?

Until this date no one can claim to have found a complete cure for Diabetes. A great deal of very serious research and experimentation was started with this aim in the past years.
Many are promising and some expect good results in 5-10 years. We pray for that to happen sooner.
For DiabeXALL, our team observed a few years ago, during the development stage of DiabeXALL, that 2 young diabetics ages 12 & 14 years, who were diagnosed with Type I diabetes, and who took DiabeXALL for over 3 months improved tremendously, and stopped using any medication or insulin injection.
Naturally, our team was baffled and very pleasantly surprised, but could not make any claims for curing by DiabeXALL until more extensive and controlled experiments were completed. Some suspected that these two patients may have been erroneously diagnosed to have Diabetes Type I.
To add to the puzzle we lost track of these patients and we never heard back from their parents. However, it was definitely established that for these two young patients, and several older patients with Type I Diabetes who took DiabeXALL pills, were able to reduce their insulin injections to a smaller dosage and often skipping one injection from their daily 3 times a day routine. We are continuing to work on this aspect and hope to determine scientifically good results.
However, taking DiabeXALL, regularly, especially for Type II Diabetics, can be considered as a de Facto temporary cure since it reduces Blood Sugar level to normal levels, as well as other signs even stoppage of taking other standard prescribed medications. Most patients with Type II who took DiabeXALL for 5-6 months can stop using all medications, including DiabeXALL, and attain normal Blood Sugar level for several months. As if the body is given a few months vacation to rest from all medication.

Q-2- Are there any side effects for DiabeXALL?

These effects include:
Pleasant body odor
Slight reduction in blood pressure
Weight reduction

Preventive effect against suffering from Diabetes Tests were made that draw
this observation, and our team is continuously working on this benefit by
carrying out more tests on human volunteers.

One test was conducted on 2 Zygotic twins aged 45 years, whose parents and many Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents were Diabetics. Therefore it was expected that the twins would become Diabetics. The tests made were based on giving one DiabeXALL for 12 months, while nothing was given to the other. At the end of the 12 months the Twin that did not take DiabeXALL went into a Pre- Diabetic phase and his sugar blood readings continued to rise. The twin who took DiabeXALL showed no such trend. More detailed studies on a much larger number of volunteers is underway to determine the Preventive effects of DiabeXALL.