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Diabex Incorporated

Diabex Inc., a subsidiary of Hanader Medical International, was established in 1993. Hanader Medical, committed to the development of innovative and beneficial technologies to enhance the quality of life, spent many years focused on using and modifying Eastern European medical technologies unknown to the West. This resulted in the design and development of medical devices, tests including a US Patent for an Early Cancer Detection Test for all types of cancer, and medicines derived from natural sources. The resulting success led to continued research and development using Ancient medicines and treatments, which had been adopted in the Holy Land and Jordan Valley. Research revealed that numerous plants, flowers, and herbs were unique to this area. This uniqueness was thought in part due to the distinguishing geographical characteristics, most notably being the lowest point on earth and possessing the highest concentration of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere. It was discovered that a particular plant found in abundance in the Jordan Valley, in particular near the Baptismal site on the Jordan River, had medicinal qualities and was used in the Holy Land as a treatment for several health problems. It was noted that several of the illnesses treated were common to diabetics thus Diabex Inc. was formed to begin new research and development work for the purpose of finding a treatment for Diabetes based on the plant qualities. Over ten years of research, development, and clinical trials led to two US Patents and the introduction of DiabeXALL to the nutritional supplement market.